When our music is charted and supported by other DJs is the best feeling ever - Sightseer

When our music is charted and supported by other DJs is the best feeling ever – Sightseer


Hey Sightseer Glad to have you for the Q&A. How are you and how has 2022 treated you so far?

Hello Cpayne and Deep waves listener’s, first of all, I wanna thank you for the invitation, its always a pleasure work with you. I am great
,thank you. My 2022 came out strong and busy, a lot of shows in different countries and a lot of new tracks out there, big festivals and great connection with the crowd is getting me to another level in the electronic music scene and I am so happy and grateful for that..

Tell us a bit about your label “Stage Dealers”

I created Stage Dealers to release that tracks I need to release asap but Im working hard to make it bigger and get some new artists signed to my label soon, its more about time but I feel that Stage Dealers can bring good things for electronic music industry.

Hailing from Brazil, have you incorporated any musical influences from your homeland, and how often do you incorporate native sound into your productions?

Its funny because my first production was a big room track with a taste of Brazilian funk, for sure my homeland has a lot of amazing artists inspiring me.This year I remixed another banger from Brazil called AiAiAi [Vanessa da Mata], One of the best MPB songs from my country and it came out very lit. At the moment I am remixing some new stuffs that I still loving to listen when I was child and also I remade a track called Maresia and so far its one of the must sucessful in my productions till now.

Apart from DJing and music production, what do you love to do?

I love skating, some times when I am tired of everything, I just come to some beach spot where I can practice with my longboard skate and I feel much better and creative.

One genre you’d like to try out sometime soon?

Great question Cpayne! I am already working on new styles, my latest release [Crazy I like that] is a house music and I am fell in love with Bass House, its the project I am working on now and Ill release it soon. I already played couple times and crowd loved, for sure 2023 will be an amazing year with a lot of new tastes.

What would be a dream collaboration for you?

Difficult question! there is a lot of amazing artists and must of them are very talented! but now I would say Dubdogz from Brazil, I love their style and productions. At this moment, my eyes is more on new talents, its gonna be the future of our Scene and I must to be part of it.

How does it feel to see your songs topping the charts?

Charts are our quality gauge, when our music is charted and supported by other DJs is the best feeling ever, it give Us power to keep producing and getting better everyday. I am very greatful to all my supporters and my team that believe and help me walk foward, much more is coming…

What else shall we look forward to hearing from you in 2022?

I would say lets look at 2023, it will start stronger than ever, a lot of things are changing at this moment,(I cant say yet), I am really happy about it. Also Im finishing some songs to release soon and an rough Ep will come in 2023s beginning. keep your eyes on a track called “Chulleton”.

Finally, Would you like to share any tips for upcoming DJs & Producers

First thing, believe in you no matter what they say. Second, if it didnt happened yet, dont worry and keep working, studying, your moment will come when you not expecting for.last, Be patiente! Supporting others, one day others will supporting you! I wish the best for everyone. #refuelyourmind

Few Words about Deep Waves Music

I love the way Cpayne & Deep Waves Music introduces the new artists in his radio show! There’s so many talented young artists out there and deep waves show them to the world. I see it growing very fast and the success is notable here 🫶🏻🔥. Keep up the good work!

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