AvAlanche & CPayne

“RISE” is an electrifying EDM track pulsating with energy, designed to elevate listeners to new heights. Its pounding bassline, euphoric synths, and exhilarating build-ups capture the essence of pushing beyond limits. Get ready to surrender to the infectious rhythm and let “RISE” ignite your spirit to soar to uncharted realms of euphoria.

international release - June 27, 2024

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DWM Originals

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AvAlanche 🇮🇱 & CPayne 🇺🇸

CPayne 🇺🇸

DJ Emmyshake 🇮🇳 & CPayne 🇺🇸

AvAlanche 🇮🇱 & CPayne 🇺🇸


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AvAlanche 🇮🇱 & CPayne 🇺🇸

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