Getting featured on DJ Mag Malaysia was a life changing moment for me – Sickwenz


Hey Sick, glad to have you for the Q&A. How are you, and how did 2023 treating you?

Hey Deepwaves, thank you so much for having me, I’m doing great and hope the team is great as well. 2022 was a year for learning and experiencing new things for me. I had been experimenting with genres and stuff. I finally think I’m ready to blast some new music with a unique “SICKWENZ” touch.

What does it feel like to be featured on DjMag Malaysia?

Getting featured on DJ Mag Malaysia was a life changing moment for me, all thanks to the writers and editors for featuring me there. Specially being one of the very least Indian DJ/ producers to be featured there. Apart from Dj Mag, my music was also featured by legendary artists like Hardwell, Blasterjaxx, MikeWilliams, Moti, DJs from Mars, MaxVangeli, Bassjackers, Musicbylukas to name a few.

How was your experience working with labels like Discowax/One Seven Music, Nik Cooper, Future House Cloud?

When I started making music, I had no idea how to pitch music to labels, so I stayed focused on making music; then, I met Pantac, he’s a talented producer from Germany. I materialized an idea and sent it to him so he could work on it. Afterwards, the track, Future Technology, got released on one of the finest music labels, Nik Cooper. Everything changed for me, Pantac and I also had a sequel for the track. The sequel was also played at Bootshaus, which is one of the biggest clubs in the world. Later on, I released on Sony Music/One Seven Music, which got my songs charting in several countries on iTunes and Apple Music.

Apart from DJing and music production, what do you love to do?

Apart from music, I play call of duty, PUBG, hangout with friends, and chill.

Tell us about your experience playing in clubs & shows.

I started doing shows since I was 17. I really enjoy playing for people, I’ve been doing a lot of club shows around my country. I also got a chance to perform at Sunburn Arena. It felt amazing.

What can we expect from Sick in 2023?

2023 is gonna be massive, I promise. I have a lot of upcoming music; I’m more into melodic and techno nowadays. I have  been working on some tracks with Almost Human. Almost Human is a big name in India.

Finally, would you like to share any tips for upcoming DJs & Producers?

Keep making music, don’t think where you’ll end up , just keep working.

Can you share a few words about Deep Waves Music?

Deepwaves music is really helping the upcoming artists to grow and make their music heard by people all over the world, I really respect what they are doing .


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