Unleashing the Beats: A Journey from Seattle Clubs to Peru's Heart with an Up-and-Coming Music Prodigy!

Unleashing the Beats: A Journey from Seattle Clubs to Peru’s Heart with an Up-and-Coming Music Prodigy!


From the vibrant clubs of Seattle to the heart of Peru, has journeyed from a passionate DJ to an almost full-time music producer, mastering a wide array of genres under the mentorship of a seasoned expert. With a primary focus on progressive house while exploring the realms of MainStage EDM, including Big Room, tropical house, and slap house, is on a mission to prove himself as one of the industry’s best. His tracks ‘I Want It That Way‘ and ‘Mood Remix‘ have already made significant waves, garnering hundreds of thousands of streams. Let’s dive into his world.


What inspired your journey from DJing in Seattle clubs to becoming a music producer?

COVID19 happened and I was a Club DJ, so suddenly all clubs shut down, and what I only got was my normal job. No more music, so I decided to learn how to produce music.


Can you share how your Peruvian roots influence your music production and style?

Unfortunately I try to incorporate them as rhythm, but i take more influence in European tracks like Spinnin Records for example, or the Big ones in Europe and US.

Unleashing the Beats: A Journey from Seattle Clubs to Peru's Heart with an Up-and-Coming Music Prodigy!

What specific techniques did you learn under your mentor’s NOYSE that significantly improved your tracks?

Compression is key, EQ is key, but most important is not to break the spaguettis in front of him or else he will get mad.


Why did you choose progressive house as your main style, and what draws you to explore other genres like Big Room and tropical house?

I grew up with that genre since I was in college. Calvin Harris, Swedish House Mafia, Galantis, are a few of my heroes. I decided to go other routes because that’s what DJ or music producers do, try to navigate in the vast ocean of sounds and genres.


Your track ‘I Want It That Way’ has received an impressive number of streams. What was the creative process behind this track?

NOYSE contacted me and asked me if I want to participate in a Collab with him an RAIDH which is another great Italian Producer, so we started working sending back and forwards stems, try to accommodate them, creating the bass line correctly and with groove. There were a lot of back and forwards.

Unleashing the Beats: A Journey from Seattle Clubs to Peru's Heart with an Up-and-Coming Music Prodigy!

How do you approach remixing popular songs, like your ‘Mood Remix, to make them uniquely your own?

I remembered start working on it on the basement of my uncle and aunt house, while I was living with them during pandemic. That the song that was playing over and over was MOOD over the radio, so I started working on it. took me about 4 days, I knew the basic of music production about that time.


Can you describe a moment or experience that confirmed your decision to pursue music production seriously?

I take this career very professional, but I take it more as a hobby, whenever I am inspired i start working on a project, I have a lot of projects unfinished, but others that are waiting the opportunity to come out to the light. It was seeing my friends, and even DJs playing my track at the clubs.


How do you balance staying true to your original sound while experimenting with different genres?

Trying to listen my favorite songs, they are the core of my sound. But also I am not afraid to go a different path. we need to get out of the bubble sometimes.


Are there any artists or producers who inspire your musical journey? If so, who are they and why?

NOYSE, Swedish House Mafia, Avicii, Galantis, and obviously Calvin Harris, of course watching them in front of tons of people performing is just amazing.

Unleashing the Beats: A Journey from Seattle Clubs to Peru's Heart with an Up-and-Coming Music Prodigy!

What does a typical day in your music production process look like?

Sit on a chair during hours, trying to choose the right kick, then snares, then the melody. But most important you need to be inspired, if not everything is going to fall.


How do you measure success in your music career, and what goals are you currently working towards?

When my music is playing at the clubs and people start dancing to it. Right now I am working on a collab with a DUBSTEP producer name HEAD BREAKER which Sounds incredible.


With the success of tracks like ‘I Want It That Way’ and ‘Mood Remix, what can your fans expect from you in the near future?

That MR. KUY will be there for you to dance.


Can you share a few words about Deep Waves Music?

Keep helping young producers, new producers, old producers to get the attention of this new generation. I really like what are guys doing and I really appreciate it.



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