Dream Stages and Future Goals: DJ Padlovsky’s Vision for His Career

Dream Stages and Future Goals: DJ Padlovsky’s Vision for His Career


Hi Padlovsky You’ve had the opportunity to perform at a variety of events, from store openings to large festivals. How do you approach creating a setlist for such diverse audiences, and what factors do you consider ensuring your music resonates with each crowd?


First of all, thank you so much for the opportunity to answer this Q&A provided by yourselves. It’s an honor. Regarding the first topic of this question (setlist), when I performed last summer at the bar LAIS DE GUIA in my hometown in Portugal (Matozinhos), I spent more than an hour each day during the week before the performance, as well as on the day of the performance itself, listening to and downloading a variety of music packs onto my laptop. Each performance at that bar lasted more than one hour, often up to four hours.

As for the second part of the question (tailoring the music to the crowd’s taste), Matozinhos has several bars similar to LAIS DE GUIA in terms of musical style. I took advantage of this by passing on music styles filled with good vibes to get the crowd excited, just like in a #TBT video available on my social media that shows this.

You transitioned from using the name ANDREW PADLOCK to DJ PADLOVSKY. What inspired this change, and how has it impacted your career?

I made that name change because Portuguese people were struggling to pronounce my former name (Andrew Padlock) correctly. That’s why I changed it to a simpler name, DJ Padlovsky, for easier pronunciation.

Being from Matozinhos, Portugal, how has your hometown influenced your musical style and career?

My hometown influenced my musical style and career significantly. In 2016, I attended a local festival in the sub-region of my hometown, specifically in Leça da Palmeira. This festival, called BEACH PARTY, is hosted by RADIO NOVA ERA, a well-known radio station from the northern part of Portugal. Every year, they bring renowned artists from the electronic dance music scene, such as Hardwell (who will perform there this year and also performed in 2017), Tiesto (who performed last year), and Timmy Trumpet (who will perform there this year and also performed in 2019). From that event forward, I realized that I wanted to be a DJ and Producer in the Electronic Dance Music genre.

Dream Stages and Future Goals: DJ Padlovsky’s Vision for His Career

You performed at the PANGEIA SOURE FESTIVAL two years ago, where the crowd went wild. Can you share your experience and what made that performance stand out?

The experience was unforgettable. At the beginning of my show, the audience was small and quiet, but step by step, they went wild. This transformation happened especially during the peak hour of my set, around the 30-minute mark of my 1-hour performance. I used my MC skills to energize them and make them feel the excitement of my set.

You’ve participated in the DJ contest at QUEIMA DAS FITAS DO PORTO for two consecutive years. What was this experience like, and how did it help you grow as a DJ?

The experience was enriching in terms of maturity, helping me gain inner confidence in this last season of the contest. In contrast, during the previous season, I was trembling all over my body and mind due to the intense anxiety I felt.

How was your experience performing at BÔITE PORTO for the DJ contest sets? What challenges and rewards did you encounter?

Like I mentioned in the last question, the experience was enriching. Even though I didn’t achieve my main goal of reaching the final of the DJ Contest Sets, I had the opportunity to perform consecutively at a club in a city that I love a lot (Porto). Finally, even though I didn’t win the contest sets from Queima das Fitas, I earned the respect of most of the DJs and producers involved in the contests, which made me feel special.

Dream Stages and Future Goals: DJ Padlovsky’s Vision for His Career

How has your musical style evolved since you started performing seriously in 2019?

I was initially focused on listening to musical styles related to festivals, but since I wanted to perform in bars and stores, I had to adapt my style to house and commercial music.

You’ve performed in a variety of sets, from bars and stores to festivals and clubs. How do you adapt your sets for different audiences and venues?
  • In bars, I play songs with sunset vibes.
  • In clubs, I play both of the styles currently played in bars and stores (sunset and disco songs), but at the end, I push the boundaries with a punchy style when the audience is full (EDM).
  • In festivals, like at Pangeia Soure, the sets are like waves. They start low with a deep style, and when the waves get higher, especially during the peak hour, I convert the set into a catchy and rhythmic style to energize the crowd until the final stage of the set
  • In stores, I also play tracks with sunset vibes but with a commercial touch in terms of musical style.
What has been the highlight of your DJ career so far, and why?

My biggest highlight of my DJ career was on May 18th of this year when I traveled to the southern part of Portugal, specifically to the Algarve, and debuted at KISS DISCO CLUB for a semifinal DJ contest set. Even though I didn’t reach the final of the competition, I made connections with a DJ who performed on the same day as me. Both of us now have the chance to try our luck again at that club in the next DJ contest set next year.

Dream Stages and Future Goals: DJ Padlovsky’s Vision for His Career

What are your goals for the future? Are there any specific venues or festivals you dream of performing at?

My goals for the future are to continue receiving support from well-renowned DJs and producers in the Electronic Dance Music industry and to perform on the biggest stages of the dance scene. I would love to perform at the BEACH PARTY FESTIVAL by RADIO NOVA ERA or other similar events in the future.

What advice would you give to young DJs and producers who are just starting their careers?

Watch tutorials related to Djing & producing to improve your skills & put everything in practice day by day & don t get mad in the meaning of staying strong to the criticism that you will receive (in a way or other) from the people.

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