BadMonkey Music Talks About His Hobbies, Goals Aside From Music


Hello there! How are you? How was your first month of 2023?

Hello , thanks. I am well , thanks for having me here and hope you are all good. My first month was productive. Finished 3 tracks, one of them was signed, we need to wait summer to hear it.

For anyone who does not know who you are…how do you describe your own style of music?

My music always has something from my life, so it can be sad, angry, aggressive, happy. My music is mostly aggressive because I am pissed off for lots of things that happened in this world.

Badmonkey Music

Hailing from Istanbul (Turkey), have you incorporated any musical influences from your homeland, and how often do you incorporate native sounds into your productions?

I have not done that so much actually; we have nice native instruments like darbuka, kanun, and bağlama. I used “bağlama” sound in my ICE track.

Your music has been supported by some of the biggest artists within the dance scene. How rewarding is this, and what impact has it had on your career so far?

I released SPACER with Black Hole / Magik Muzik and its supported Paul Van Dyk, Tritonal, Nicky Romero. This kind of support first helps building your confidence and you can also get at least a little bit of attention as an upcoming artist in the market/industry.

Badmonkey Music

In terms of goals, targets, etc. Can you share any special achievements from your career so far?

My biggest dream is jumping with a thousand people while playing my track : ) I always share this dream with Max Vangeli who is the Boss of No Face and he always says to me: don’t stop, you will do it.

Do you have any hobbies aside from music production?

Aside music, I run a family company. Unfortunately, music and my family company take all my time. I am a coffee and spicy lover : )

What should we not miss from BadMonkey in 2023?

I have some stream plans for upcoming artists, so just stay tuned : )

Badmonkey Music

Finally, Would you like to share any tips for upcoming DJs & Producers?


Can you share a few words about Deep Waves Music?

You always gave me support, something I am very appreciative of. Hope we can meet face to face one day.

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