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CPayne 🇺🇸

Deep Waves Music Presents CPayne’s debut that will set your soul on fire – “ENERGY.”


Immerse yourself in a musical journey that transcends boundaries and connects you to the very essence of existence. The cover art paints a vivid picture of the experience awaiting: you seated in a tranquil lake, looking inward, energy emanating from within, as shooting stars streak across the sky. The water beneath reflects not just an image, but a question – “WHO AM I?”


The lyrics echo this profound inquiry, pulsating through your veins with an urgency that builds – “WHO AM I? WHO AM I? faster, faster, faster, ENERGY.” It’s not just a song; it’s a celebration of life, a recognition of the seeker within us all. As you lose yourself in the beats, you’ll find the answer resonating within – we are ENERGY.


This track isn’t just about music; it’s a fusion of the five elements that make us whole – Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Akash. It’s a celebration of the connection we share with the universe. So, whether you’re dancing under the stars or reflecting by the water’s edge, let “ENERGY” be the soundtrack to your exploration and celebration of life.


Join us on this musical journey, where the beats sync with the rhythm of your heartbeat, and the lyrics speak the language of your soul. “ENERGY” is not just a track; it’s a declaration – a declaration of your existence, your essence, your ENERGY. Welcome to a new chapter, where the seeker becomes the found. This is your invitation to embrace the energy within and dance to the melody of life.

release date - Feb 29, 2024


AvAlanche 🇮🇱 & CPayne 🇺🇸

DJ Emmyshake 🇮🇳 & CPayne 🇺🇸

AvAlanche 🇮🇱 & CPayne 🇺🇸

Deep Waves Music 🇺🇸 & DJ Emmyshake 🇮🇳

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