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Show Me Your Eyes

AvAlanche 🇮🇱 & CPayne 🇺🇸

Embark on an electrifying music journey with ‘Show Me Your Eyes,’ a dynamic collaboration between international DJs and Producers AvAlanche and CPayne. This track delivers an explosive fusion of Mainstage and Bigroom vibes, marking their first-ever collaboration. Brace yourself for a sonic adventure that fuses AvAlanche’s and CPayne’s signature styles, creating a pulse-pounding masterpiece that commands the dancefloor. ‘Show Me Your Eyes’ is a testament to their shared passion for music and a thrilling ride that will have you moving to the irresistible rhythm from start to finish.

release date - Sep 28, 2023


AvAlanche 🇮🇱 & CPayne 🇺🇸

AvAlanche 🇮🇱 & CPayne 🇺🇸

CPayne 🇺🇸

DJ Emmyshake 🇮🇳 & CPayne 🇺🇸

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