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Feels Like Magic

DJ Emmyshake 🇮🇳 & CPayne 🇺🇸

Embark on a historic journey with our inaugural collaboration, ‘Feels Like Magic,’ a captivating EDM masterpiece by DJ Emmyshake and CPayne. Picture a mysterious forest, its secrets unveiled with each beat. A girl, drawn by a distant echo, steps on water, revealing an ancient runic structure. As radiant light emerges, the music mirrors the transformative magic of discovery. ‘Feels Like Magic’ transcends, offering a symphony that resonates with the thrill of hidden wonders. Join us on this extraordinary sonic voyage, where music and mystique converge for an unforgettable experience.

release date - Dec 28, 2023


AvAlanche 🇮🇱 & CPayne 🇺🇸

CPayne 🇺🇸

AvAlanche 🇮🇱 & CPayne 🇺🇸

Deep Waves Music 🇺🇸 & DJ Emmyshake 🇮🇳

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