Deep Waves Music goes UNDERGROUND!


Label and production hub Deep Waves Music (DWM) has started partnering with the talents that have become common invitees in their weekly Deep Waves Music Radio Show to release songs together under the Deep Waves Music label. DWM founder, radio host, and producer CPayne have identified different musical traits and styles from the various submissions we receive every week, which has led him to get to know these producers deeply in their essence.
Deep Waves Music will start inviting more producers to create new tracks together to be released on the DWM platform with global reach. This Thursday, May 25th DWM has partnered with DJ Emmyshake to release UNDERGROUND, a big room proposal to immerse the listener into a musical journey.
CPayne shares with us: “My team and I saw a lot of talent in Emmyshake and we agreed on taking his talent and work with him to create a powerful piece and keep the identities of DWM and DJ Emmyshake untouched; it is our pleasure to present UNDERGROUND”

To all of our listeners, DJs, labels, and producers; we are open to working with everyone; keep sending your work, and we will promote it and you will eventually be producing a song under the DWM label.

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