Deep Waves Music Unveils ‘Feels Like Magic’: A Captivating Collaboration by DJ Emmyshake and CPayne, Now Available Exclusively on Beatport


[Miami, December 28] – Embark on a sonic journey as Deep Waves Music proudly announces the release of ‘Feels Like Magic,’ an electrifying EDM collaboration between DJ Emmyshake and CPayne. This highly anticipated track is now available exclusively on Beatport, promising a harmonious fusion of talents that transcends the ordinary.

Feels Like Magic‘ is more than a mere musical creation; it is a celebration of the finely tuned collaboration between DJ Emmyshake and CPayne. Renowned for their individual prowess, these two artists have discovered the perfect harmony in working together, resulting in a masterpiece that is both dynamic and enchanting. The track invites listeners into an uncharted world where each beat reveals the secrets of a mesmerizing landscape.

Immerse yourself in the soundscape as ‘Feels Like Magic‘ unfolds—a mysterious forest where a girl, drawn by a distant echo, steps on water, revealing an ancient runic structure. The music mirrors the transformative magic of discovery, casting a radiant light that promises to leave an indelible mark on the listener’s senses.

“We are thrilled to unveil ‘Feels Like Magic,’ a collaboration that signifies the seamless partnership between DJ Emmyshake and CPayne. Their ability to find the perfect tuning for working together has resulted in a track that truly embodies the spirit of Deep Waves Music. This release comes at an exciting time for us, especially after achieving the notable 69th position on the Top 100 Mainstage Labels,” says Leandro Bolanos, General Manager of Deep Waves Music.

Feels Like Magic’ exclusive download:

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About Deep Waves Music:
Deep Waves Music is a trailblazing record label dedicated to pushing the boundaries of the mainstage genre. With a commitment to fostering global talent, the label continues to make waves in the electronic music scene. ‘Feels Like Magic‘ is the latest addition to Deep Waves Music’s impressive catalog, showcasing the label’s passion for innovation and collaboration.


For press inquiries, please contact:
Leandro Bolanos
General Manager, Deep Waves Music
+1 786 583 3157


February 25, 2024

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