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The Future of Music is at Risk! Here’s Why Artists Are Terrified

With artificial intelligence (AI) rapidly transforming creative fields, a major debate is brewing in the music industry. Over 200 leading artists, including Billie Eilish, Metro Boomin, and Pearl Jam, have joined forces to fight back against what they see as the irresponsible use of AI in music creation.

The Artist Rights Alliance issued a scathing open letter titled “Stop Devaluing Music,” urging tech companies to develop AI responsibly. While acknowledging the potential of AI to enhance creativity, the letter criticizes the current trend of using AI to generate music without proper regard for the artists whose work is used to train the models.

The Issue: AI Training on Existing Music

The core concern is how AI models are “trained.” These models learn by analyzing vast amounts of data, and in the case of music, this data often consists of existing songs. The artists argue that large tech companies are using this training data without permission or compensation, essentially copying their work to create AI-generated music.

This not only devalues the originality of human-created music, but also threatens artists’ livelihoods. Imagine a world where AI can churn out hit songs indistinguishable from those written by humans. Who would need songwriters or producers then?

Artists Fight for Accountability

The Artist Rights Alliance isn’t against AI innovation altogether. They simply want tech companies to be held accountable for how they use the technology. Their demands include:

  • Transparency in AI training data usage
  • Fair compensation for artists whose work is used
  • Guarantees that AI-generated music properly credits human creators

A Fight for the Future of Music

The open letter, signed by a diverse group of artists representing various genres, highlights the widespread concern about the future of music in the age of AI. The coming years will be crucial in determining how AI shapes the music industry. Will AI become a powerful tool for collaboration, or will it ultimately replace human creativity? The artists are clear: they want AI to be a force for good, not a threat to their art and income.


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The music world has been struck by another tragic loss as Emily Goldberg, former girlfriend of the late EDM superstar Avicii, passed away at the age of 34. Emily’s life was a testament to resilience and the human spirit’s ability to fight against the odds. She bravely battled cancer and emerged victorious, sharing her triumph with her followers on Instagram, where she celebrated with a defiant message of survival. Sadly, her journey was cut short by a pulmonary embolism, an unexpected and severe condition that blocks the arteries in the lungs with blood clots.

Tragic End: Avicii's Ex-Girlfriend Dies After Surviving Cancer

Emily’s death on April 3rd in La Jolla, California, marks a somber moment, coming just six years after Avicii’s tragic death by suicide. Her passing is a poignant reminder of the fragility of life and the unpredictable nature of health challenges. Goldberg’s connection to Avicii, whose real name was Tim Bergling, brought her into the public eye, but she stood out for her own accomplishments and strength.

After Avicii’s death in April 2018, Emily shared heartfelt tributes to him, reflecting on their deep bond. Their relationship had been one of significant public interest, but Emily’s personal narrative of courage in the face of illness showcased a different, deeply inspiring side of her. She was open about her struggles and victories, offering a raw and honest look into her life.

Tragic End: Avicii's Ex-Girlfriend Dies After Surviving Cancer

Emily Goldberg’s legacy is intertwined with both her connection to a music legend and her personal battles. Her story is one of love, resilience, and the unpredictable twists that life can take. As we mourn her loss, we also celebrate her courage and the impact she had on those who followed her journey.


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In a groundbreaking announcement at Google I/O 2024, Google and YouTube unveiled the ‘Music AI Sandbox,’ a collection of generative AI music tools designed to revolutionize the way musicians create music. Powered by Google’s advanced Lyria model and DeepMind’s cutting-edge technology, these tools enable users to generate intricate musical compositions from simple text prompts, opening new horizons for creativity in the music industry.

The Music AI Sandbox offers musicians the ability to generate up to 10 instrumental tracks in various genres and styles, making it an incredibly versatile tool. Additionally, it integrates with other generative AI models from Google, such as Lyria for lyrics generation and SynthID for advanced audio effects, providing a comprehensive suite for music creation. Musicians can also engage in collaborative jamming sessions and remixing, fostering a community of creativity and innovation.

One of the standout features is the set of tools for editing, arranging, and post-processing AI-generated music. These tools give musicians control over the final output, allowing for fine-tuning and personalization. However, the introduction of these powerful AI tools is not without controversy. Concerns have been raised about potential copyright issues related to the training data used and the authenticity of AI-generated music compared to human compositions.

In response to these concerns, Google has partnered with Universal Music Group (UMG) to launch the ‘Music AI Incubator,’ aiming to develop AI tools that are safe, responsible, and profitable for music creators. This partnership highlights Google’s commitment to addressing the ethical and legal challenges of generative AI in music.

The Music AI Sandbox’s inaugural users include prominent figures in the music industry, such as electronic musician and YouTube personality Marc Rebillet, rapper and producer Wyclef Jean, and songwriter Justin Tranter. Their involvement underscores the potential of these tools to reshape the music landscape.

As the music industry navigates this new frontier, the potential for generative AI to enhance creativity and productivity is immense. Producers and musicians are encouraged to explore these tools and share their experiences. Join the conversation on our social media channels and let us know your thoughts on implementing generative AI into your work.


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Youn Sung-ho, a comedian-turned-musician, is revolutionizing Buddhism in South Korea by blending ancient scripture with modern EDM beats. Donning traditional monk robes and a shaved head, Youn’s unique sets are capturing the attention of young South Koreans, reviving interest in Buddhism.

Meet the Monk Turning Buddhist Chants into EDM Hits!

His performances are not just musical experiences but spiritual journeys, combining deep religious texts with pulsating rhythms. By infusing traditional wisdom with contemporary sounds, Youn is making Buddhism accessible and appealing to a new generation. Watch and discover how this innovative monk is transforming the spiritual landscape with his electrifying performances.


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Norwegian EDM superstar Alan Walker is creating waves in the music scene once again by setting up a dedicated Singapore WhatsApp phone number for his fans. This exciting move allows fans to text him directly ahead of his much-anticipated performance at Singapore Expo Hall 3 & 4A on June 14. The number, 8041-5585, will be active until the concert date, providing an exclusive channel for fans to connect with the DJ. Tickets for the show are priced at $178.

Walker’s Walker world Asia Tour Pt. 1 also includes stops in Indonesia on June 8 and Malaysia on June 22. To engage with his Southeast Asian fanbase, Walker has set up WhatsApp numbers in each of these countries. Remarkably, within just two hours of the announcement on May 14, he received over 15,000 messages across all three territories.

Alan Walker’s WhatsApp Number Revealed – Here’s How to Reach Him!"

The 26-year-old producer-DJ, known for hits like “Faded” (2015), which has amassed 3.6 billion views on YouTube, and “Alone” (2016) with 1.3 billion views, made the announcement via his social media platforms. In his post, Walker encouraged fans to reach out: “I’ve set up local numbers so you can WhatsApp me – let me know if you are coming to my shows in June.”

According to a press statement, Walker plans to personally reply to some of the “lucky ones,” adding an extra layer of excitement and anticipation for his fans. His most recent album, Walker world, was released in 2023, adding to his impressive discography that includes Different World (2018), World Of Walker (2021), and Walker verse Pt. I & II (2022).

Walker’s previous performances in Singapore, including a sold-out show at nightclub Marquee on September 16, have cemented his popularity in the region. This innovative WhatsApp initiative is sure to enhance the concert experience for his dedicated fans, making the upcoming show a memorable event.

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