CPayne’s journey into the realm of music ignited with a deep passion for Electronic Dance Music (EDM). Inspired by artists like John Digweed, Carl Cox, and Armin van Buuren, among others, a diverse spectrum of genres, including Trance, Techno, Deep House, Minimal, Tribe, Progressive House, and Psy-Trance, marked the inception of his musical exploration. Guided by this passion, CPayne embarked on a voyage to iconic musical cities celebrated for their electronic music scenes and festivals. From Love Parade in Berlin to Sensation White in Amsterdam, Ultra Music Festival in Miami, and EDC Vegas, these experiences seamlessly intertwined with his EDM odyssey. Concurrently achieving success in the North American banking sector, a pivotal juncture arrived in 2020.

     In that decisive year, he committed himself to a deeper understanding of electronic music’s technical intricacies, diving into the creation of mixes that consistently embodied high BPMs and deep basslines. His journey extended beyond mere technical proficiency; he delved into the nuances of various play systems, comprehending their distinctions, advantages, disadvantages, music production, equipment integration, and mastering. This holistic approach culminated in the birth of Deep Waves Music—a pioneering Electronic Dance Music HUB based out of Miami, designed to disseminate the finest EDM to the world. Anchored by three key components—Deep Waves Music SHOW, a hybrid music Show and TV show spotlighting DJ/Producers worldwide; Deep Waves Music LABEL, committed to producing and releasing cutting-edge EDM, and Deep Waves Music LIVE, featuring festival and club performances—this platform emerged.

     Within three months, Deep Waves Music materialized, fortified by legal underpinnings, Miami studios, and the widely acclaimed “Deep Waves Music Show” show. CPayne’s collaborative team tirelessly propelled Deep Waves Music toward broader horizons, crafting original music, fostering artist partnerships, releasing new music via the Deep Waves Music Label, establishing a clothing line, and sowing the seeds for growth within the Dance Music community.

     Fueled by a well-cultivated network, Deep Waves Music now engages with over 400 DJ/Producers, Record Labels, and an array of production entities. This potent amalgamation of passion, skill, and strategic partnerships propels CPayne and DWM to channel premier EDM experiences to enthusiasts worldwide. Seamlessly bridging the gap between everyday life and the EDM sphere, CPayne and Deep Waves Music embody an unwavering commitment to uniting global music aficionados, fostering a shared passion for Electronic Dance Music that transcends all limits and boundaries. 

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