At the beginning of the 90’s the passion for music and especially for electronic dance music began to develop in CPayne. An early follower of artists such as Jimmy Van M, John Digweed, and Carl Cox among others, and streams of Techno, Deep House, Minimal, Tribe, Progressive House, and Psy-Trance were part of his beginnings in musical exploration. For years that musical passion led him to visit different musical
cities, acclaimed for having the best electronic music venues in the world and the best festivals that little by little began to build his passion for EDM. From LOVE Parade in Berlin, Sensation White in Amsterdam, Ultra Music Festival in Miami, EDC Vegas, and many more, they have been an important part of that musical exploration. With a successful career in the North American banking industry, 

     3 years ago he decided to immerse himself in the more technical learning aspect of electronic music and began to make his mixes, always characterized by high bpms and deep base. Understanding not only the technical part but knowing the different systems used to play, their differences, advantages and disadvantages, music production, equipment integration, mastering, and many more components that make music without a doubt a path to explore. This is how last year he decided to start Deep Waves Music which is a platform to bring the best of Electronic Dance Music to the people, with a mix between a radio show and TV show and collaboration with other DJs. 

     Over the course of 3 months, he developed what is today Deep Waves Music, its legal structure, its studio in Miami, the weekly program titled Deep Waves Music Radio, and currently, with his team, they are working on the development of several fronts within Deep Waves Music, their music, collaboration with other artists, a clothing line, and a festival titled Deep Waves Music Festival.

  Thanks to many relationships that CPayne has made over the years, today Deep Waves Music has contact with over 200 DJs and a multitude of production companies. With this blend of passion, talent, and key partnerships, CPayne and DWM will continue to bring world-class EDM to all fans across the world, helping bring the gap between main street and EDM.

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