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Deep Waves Music

Deep Waves Music is a HUB for all Electronic Dance Music. Starting with his founder DJ and Producer CPayne who has a combine passion and love for Mainstage and Bigroom vibes found at big festivals and super clubs around the world, to the incredible roster of over +100 DJs and Producers from all over the world.

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Deep Waves Music


Deep Waves Music PROMOTE Electronic Dance Music talent from around the world every week via Deep Waves Music Radio a visual radio show with original tracks from DJs, Producers, and Record Labels from all around the world, so viewers can get an exclusive preview of some unreleased monster tracks.

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We Perform

Deep Waves Music


Deep Waves Music PERFORM live with festival style shows for fans of the best Electronic Dance Music. Will immerse your senses for you to discover why Electronic Dance Music is the fastest, growing music genre in the world.

We Produce

Deep Waves Music


Deep Waves Music PRODUCE is our label with in-house producers working to deliver only the best quality Electronic Dance Music tracks and DJs and Producers from around the world collaborating in multiple projects to bring you the latest in Electronic Dance Music sounds.

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